Schizotypal Personality Disorder

I am going to take the long route home to avoid meeting those grinning ladies who come abruptly at my face, immediately demanding (without explicitly stating it of course) that I respond or acknowledge them in some way, I know not how. And why must they come at me like that? I wonder if they time their walks to match mine; it cannot be a coincidence. Nothing in this life is a coincidence. Nothing! in this life is a coincidence. Nothing in this…and is it a coincidence that one of their daughters is always loitering near my gate? with her smartphone, with which we all know everything can be recorded and broadcasted immediately. 

We are the sole protector of our privacy from the onslaught of mobile cameras.  

Yes, let me take the longer quieter route and then I’ll promptly bolt the door tight when I reach home, and….I wonder if they found out about the game. But how could they? Did I share it with anyone else?  Do they think I am anti-national now that I predicted the loss of our cricket team? But I didn’t want them to lose, I didn’t gave a hoot way, I just knew they would… lose I mean. OR maybe,  yes that is it, maybe they are looking to have me predict the next game for them. That must be it. Those sly B***ches. They want to mint money out of me. No no no. Cannot. will not. After all, we all know, that the power goes away when placed in contact with greed. 

This world is going to the dogs. This world is going to. the. dogs. This world is…yes let me repeat this phrase again and again…this phrase…this is the pure truth…this world is going! tooo the dogs. Let me thus take the longer route. 

For a quick run-through on the basic characteristics and symptoms of the disorder you can watch Kati Morton explain the DSM-5 symptoms in a simple engaging way.  For a deeper understanding about this, you can consider investing 20 mins in this longer article on the disorder.